Outdoor Energy Storage System Cabinets, Grid Services, and More

Turnkey Systems

Fully integrated, pre-configured, and packaged systems can help reduce footprint, onsite installation time, and cost, and increase quality and reliability. Scalable from Residential to Utility.

Integrated cloud-based controls

In-house IoT EMS hardware and software provide cost-effective solutions for managing distributed energy resources. Scalable from single asset control to complex microgrid and utility environments.

Utility and Developer Focused Solutions

EPC Energy serves the utility and developer market with multi-MWh solutions featuring 40′ container or skid-based designs. These scalable designs feature integrated LFP battery racks, power electronics, HVAC, fire suppression, energy management system(s), and balance of plant. The modularity of EPC Energy’s approach to power conversation and battery strings also ensures that systems are future-proofed to facilitate future capacity expansion or augmentation.

Outdoor Solution

Fully integrated drag and drop outdoor energy storage system cabinets speed siting and permitting; Multiple power and energy configurations available in standard 10′ and 20′ ISO container form factor; Integrated HVAC; Available with integrated fire detection and suppression system or tie-in to facility alarm panel.

Markets Served

Renewables + Storage

From reducing clipping to shifting energy production storage can enhance the value of renewable energy such as solar PV.

Behind the Meter

We deliver bill savings and increased reliability to commercial and industrial customers by leveraging our popular AC-coupled solutions.

Grid services

Turnkey solution for utilities and developers targeting grid services such as Frequency Regulation, T&D deferral, and black start.


Coordinating storage and distributed energy resources to keep campuses, manufacturing, and data centers running when the grid goes down.

Government and tribal

Providing resiliency and utility bill savings to tribal and public sector infrastructure such as community centers, fire stations, and public housing.